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  • Arai GP-5W SA2015 Helmet

    Arai GP-5W SA2015 Helmet Featuring a tall, 90mm (3.5") eyeport, the Arai GP-5W is a favorite of stock car, sedan, and rally drivers alike. The exterior and interior shape and design are typical Arai, and nearly identical to those found on the top-end...

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  • Arai GP-6 Ped SA2015

    The visually striking Arai GP-6 (PED) sets the standard for competition auto-racing helmets. Combining Arai's proprietary, PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate) shell construction with a wider eyeport for improved visibility and all new...

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  • Arai GP-6S SA2015 Helmet

    Using the same shell shape as the GP-6 PED, the GP-6S is designed with the sport racer in mind. Using the familiar single intake and exhaust as the outgoing GP-5K, the GP-6S improves on this design with and enlarged front vent for improved ventilation...

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  • Arai SK-6 K2015 Karting Helmet

    Designed with the needs of karting in mind, the SK-6 shares many of the same features as its championship winning brother, the GP-6 PED. As one of the most visible helmets on the pro karting circuits, the SK-6 offers a strong, lightweight design using a...

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  • Bell BR1 SA2015 White Helmet

    Bell BR1 SA2015 White Helmet

    The BR.1 Helmet from Bell racing is designed to be the perfect helmet for the multi-talented racer. The BR.1 has been designed with modular air ports, allowing the racer to run a traditional style helmet, side forced air helmet, or top forced air helmet...

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  • Bell GP.3 White SA2015 Helmet

    Bell GP.3 White SA2015 Helmet

      The Bell GP 3 Helmets combine traditional F1 styling, versatile air intake system and lightweight carbon composite shell with leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The Bell GP 3 Helmets is a great option for open wheel, formula racers and karters...

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