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  • Sparco Gamma KB-4 Karting Shoe

    Sparco Gamma KB-4 Karting Shoe

    Featuring an aggressive new sole, the Sparco Gamma KB-4 Kart Racing Shoes are constructed using a breathable and durable microfiber fabric. The full-lace closure offers unparalleled support, and is complimented with a breathable inner lining and...

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  • Sparco Omega KB-6 Karting Shoe

    Sparco Omega KB-6 Karting Shoe

    Borrowing from the success of the Superleggera shoes, the Sparco Omega Kart Racing shoes feature a bold new look that is both durable and highly breathable. Starting with a breathable pressed fabric, leather inserts are applied for skuff resistance and...

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  • Sparco Record Karting Gloves

    Sparco Record Karting Gloves

    Sparco's Record Karting Gloves feature a special elasticated jersey fabric for maximum breathability and improved fit. Stylish sublimated graphics stand out with bold color combinations printed to a preformed shape for improved ergonomics. External seams...

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  • Sparco SL-17 Shoes

    Sparco SL-17 Shoes

    Racing shoe inspired, the Sparco SL-17 shoes are engineered for spirited driving off the race track while being stylish enough for an evening out. Constructed from lightweight leather, a thin P6 racing sole features a rolled heel for excellent pedal feel...

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  • Sparco Superleggera KB-10 Karting Shoe

    Sparco Superleggera KB-10 Karting Shoe

    Following in the tradition of the Superleggera model-line, Sparco's Superleggera KB-10 Kart Racing Shoes offer a lightweight, high-tech solution for maximum racing performance. Starting with a highly breathable pressed fabric, a TPU (Thermoplastic...

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